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international administration centre (IAC)
International Administration Centre, Nottingham, UK  
The International Administration Centre of the IPA is located in Nottingham, England. 

In 1986, due to the increasing membership of the Association, the need for permanent staff was identified.  It was recognized that it would be increasingly difficult to move the administration from Section to Section. As such, a permanent centre was established in Great Britain in 1987 at the Headquarters building of the British Section.

The archives of the Association are also accommodated here, with records going back to the beginning when our founder Arthur Troop first started to make his contacts.

The International Secretariat comprises of John Waumsley, the International Secretary General, Ioannis Panoussis, the Assistant International Secretary General, the IAC secretary, Mrs Wendy Donaghy and her assistant, Mrs Lesley Hughes.

The main task of the International Administration Centre  is dealing with the day to day business of the Association world wide which includes:-

  • Publishing an International Secretary General’s Newsletter, which is circulated to all Sections monthly
  • Compiling Agendas, Reports and Minutes for IPA World Congresses, International Executive Council Conferences and meetings of the Permanent Executive Bureau (PEB), together with arranging for all necessary translations into the 4 official languages of the Association, English, German, French and Spanish.
  • Liaising with the 5 working Commissions of the Association each of which is Chaired by a member of the PEB. The Commissions are:-

International Internal Commission (IIC)

International Cultural Commission (ICC)

International Professional Commission (IPC)

International Social Commission (ISC)

International Commission for External Relations (ERC)

  • The responsibility of publishing an International Handbook (Information Guide), which contains details of National Sections’ Office Holders, IPA Houses, Gimborn programmes, Statute and Rules, Directives and Guidelines of the Association
  • Acting as the link between the Association and the United Nations of which the IPA is an Non Governmental Organisation (NGO)

where is the IAC ?

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The International Administration Centre is located in the West Bridgford area of Nottingham, opposite the renowned Trent Bridge cricket ground, home of Nottinghamshire Country Cricket Club, and very close to the River Trent.

Nottingham was according to tradition the birthplace of Robin Hood, an infamous character who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

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contacting the IAC  
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International Police Association
International Administration Centre
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